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Floor Hardener

The floor hardener powder spreader spreads the power evenly and hence reduces the poor dispersion of the floor hardener powder occurred when the powder is manually spread by humans. The floor hardener powder spreader operates automatically and precisely spreads the powder at the appropriate rate, with a high level of efficiency. The machine can also be used on the wet concrete floor. Floor Hardener is a process that provides the scratch resistance property to the concrete surface, with the Moh’s hardness scale 8 (Topaz), using the floor hardener powder that is made from cement powder and superplasticizer. The floor hardener provides great scratch resistance to the concrete surface against normal wear and tear, as well as optional color.


The floor hardener is suitable for the floor of :
1. Industrial plants
2. Warehouses
3. Department stores
4. Loading docks
5. Construction materials stores
6. Exhibition halls
7. Showrooms
8. Parking lots 

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Floor Hardener

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