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Adjust industrial concrete floors with laser screed.

     Adjusting industrial concrete floors or concrete surfaces using a laser screed in which a laser system is integrated into a screed designed specifically for concrete applications. This laser system controls the work of screeding or adjusting the concrete floor to be in the same plane. Operation using the laser as a control system is more efficient than other types of the slit in the case of large areas, as it can reduce the guide setting process and reduce the error caused by removing the guide. This laser screed system has been widely used in foreign and large construction projects to achieve the most efficient level values.

        Nutcons Corporation Co., Ltd. has a team of professionals who are very experienced in floor work, concrete floor polishing, industrial floors, concrete floor polishing, concrete floor polishing, floor polishing using floor hardener, washing floors, waxing, installing waterproofing systems, pure polyurea, etc. We use imported technology from abroad to use in our work to make our work more standardized in order to make customers satisfied with our work.

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