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No matter what kind of concrete pouring work, you can trust NUTCON.





NUTCONS, completes all concrete floors with a professional team.

          Concrete pouring work must consider the selection of quality concrete, strength, durability, and good weight because it is crucial in building houses and buildings because it will help make concrete floors last a long time, not easily cracked. Nowadays, many modern methods and tools help make it easier to pour concrete by Nat Kon Corporation, a professional contractor for concrete floors with modern tools and machines that can support large jobs.

        A trailer pump is a type of concrete pump that has been modified to pump machinery to be installed on a 6-wheel or 10-wheel truck becoming a concrete pump truck that has a part to carry concrete pipes and equipment, including various working tools to facilitate travel to the job site and all equipment to the pump. Trailer pump and concrete pipelines are kept separate when starting to use, before the concrete pipeline is installed, the trailer pump is suitable for pouring concrete on factory floors, buildings, roads, high-rise buildings used to deliver concrete over long distances. The trailer pump can shoot vertically up to 200 meters, horizontally at 400 meters, and has a pumping speed of 110 cubic meters.

        Boom pumps are pumps and hoses that are permanently mounted on a ten-wheel truck or twelve-wheel truck. The conveyor is mounted to a retractable boom arm and can transport concrete immediately without connecting a hose. This makes it possible to operate easily and quickly, which is a distinctive feature that differs from stationary pumps and moil pumps that need to be installed and removed during operation.

       In addition, Nutcon Corporation is ready to build customer confidence by international standards in industrial flooring by guaranteeing quality from the Golden Trowel Asia Award, which is the first prize in Asia from The Face Companies in the United States in the field of high-quality laser screed on piles with a high precision laser-controlled concrete screed.

        We also provide a full range of industrial concrete slab services by a professional team and state-of-the-art machinery, enabling us to provide complete concrete slab services here in one place.



We are the industrial flooring leaders of the future.
" Under the highest satisfaction of customers, aiming for excellence in industrial flooring and plastering work with the latest modern tools and technologies. "

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