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Precautions when pouring concrete

       Pouring concrete is essential in building a house. Choosing concrete that meets standards, is strong, durable, and can bear good weight will help make the concrete floor last a long time, not easily cracked, help make it convenient to pour the concrete floor. Today, many modern methods and tools facilitate faster concrete pouring. What are some good concrete pouring tips?

       -  The soil surface should be adjusted to the right level, with a uniform soil surface before concrete.
       - The soil surface should be leveled and smooth before applying the concrete.
       - It is wise to choose concrete that is compacted suitable for use to reduce the problem of loosening or cracking the floor.
       - Do not add unnecessary ingredients to the concrete as it may degrade the concrete's performance.
       - Concrete should be mixed in no more than 2 hours and should be poured in one go because it may cause the mortar to be not dense and may not stick together well.
       - If the temperature is high, it may cause the concrete to harden faster than usual. You might want to find something to block out the sunlight to prevent the concrete from hardening too quickly.

Quality concrete pouring service

            Nutcons Corporation Co., Ltd. has a team of professionals who are very experienced in floor work, concrete floor polishing, industrial floors, concrete floor polishing, concrete floor polishing, floor polishing using floor hardener, washing floors, waxing, installing waterproofing systems, pure polyurea, etc. We use imported technology from abroad to use in our work to make our work more standardized in order to make customers satisfied with our work.

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